The Shift

A life-altering four-month coaching program

for the worn-out mama, the overworked entrepreneur,

any-woman, any-where

who wants to know herself to the core, re-find her divine alignment

& operate in the flow with life.


Intentional coaching to help you make the sustainable shifts 

you need to uplevel the hell out of your life

Learn to tap into your power source fully

to dramatically reshape your reality

to align with your soul 

The Program

Permission to do it differently than you ever have before 

Accurate reflection from a community of like-minded women

Access to my vast resources including guest teachers, 

healers & healing modalities 

Accountability to make the small sustainable shifts you desire 


The Details

Covering the Four Elements of Wellness we dive into our unseen blocks, provide practices for creating small sustainable shifts starting from within,

make life-altering foundational changes to how we cultivate our energy and where we spend this energy.

Bi-weekly calls

Virtual Community of Support

Accountability Check-In's








WOW- BIG WIN. I saw myself as the business owner I want to be. I felt it in every inch of my body that I wanted to create, have fun, help others, be in my pleasure. I saw purpose as those little things I naturally do and not the charge and never able to find the purpose I thought it was looking to find.


I am no longer okay with thinking I only deserve the bare minimum. I deserve to have a life I love. I realized I am worthy of so much. I desire to have an extraordinary life. And, I own my desire for more. I am letting go of the things that no longer serve me and making space for the new. 


I have an entirely new life. Everything shifted the first week we started working. I learned to listen to and trust my inTuition and body and I learned to follow the path of least resistance. I left a relationship I was doubting for years, I manifested my dream home, I’m deeply in love with myself. This entire thing has been a freaking delight!


I experienced greater self worth and am able to see myself even clearer now from the Shift experience. I know how essential it is to put my self-care first. I know the top 5 things that I need for self-care and it's not a mystery now how to tend to my needs. I know where and when my energy is depleted and how to close that leak. I know how to leave at the PEAK!


My purpose is ever changing. It does not have to one thing that I commit to forever. I give myself permission to change my mind, thus to change my purpose. My creative output is stimulated by journaling, feeling into my body, and doing the things that bring me pleasure.


I feel more and more in tune with myself, trusting and feeling into the sensation and getting to know what specific sensations mean to me.

If it doesn’t light me up, it won't light anyone else up, so creating content for the sake of doing is not worth the effort, because it won’t be received

Are you ready to make

The Shift?