A private experience for creating your very own


a 'brain-mapping' of the soul 


  This creative, visual exercise helps you get a full picture of who you are, what you love to do, the abundant areas of your life + the places that could use a bit more attention,

ultimately, to bring your life into TOTAL WELLNESS



1-90 minute session prerequisite to all coaching packages 


Let's get started today!



Ile, Esthetican 

The 'Me Map' experience helped me assess areas in my life with a grand view. It was very helpful to have supportive, experienced, professionals guide me through understanding the 5 elements of my own personal wellness. I walked away inspired, motivated and more prepared to make small yet significant changes in my life.

Stacey, 33 

When Victoria explained her Me Map process to me I knew it was something that I wanted and needed to do in hopes of finding some clarity in my career. I had been unhappy with my job for a few months and felt lost and stuck in what direction to head in. 


Since the Me Map night, I got hired at a new job and was able to set my schedule to allow time for fun, friends, self-care and an extra day off. I’m beginning this job with so much appreciation, knowing that it meets the needs that my Me Map revealed are most important to me

Kristen, Account Manager 

Such an amazing night! Left feeling reminded of what’s important to me, with a map that acknowledges my habits, passions, and the way everything connects - not just figuratively, but literally, I left with a map in my hands! Such a cool exercise that brought together an inspiring group to collaborate and share thoughts with!

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