The Shift



For the revolutionary woman ready for a whole life transformation.


You are ready to let go of energetically draining people, places, and things.


You are ready to truly embody and trust yourself. 

You're on the cusp of a major transition or change and don't want to do it alone. 

Does this sound like you?


Then it's time to turn the dial all the way up on your self-trust, confidence, and abundance to create the life you know you're capable of creating!


You may be new to coaching that's amazing or maybe you've been around the block a time or two.


That's wonderful. This simplified process works for any woman, anywhere in her journey. 

Your radical, magical life, 
starts with one
tiny shift

Throughout our 5-months together we will explore the five-foundational areas of wellness, through inventory, practices, and coaching you will let go of what is no longer serving you and step into what is.


Please note this program is deeply intimate and requires full energy and time commitment.


The real work you commit to is in the space between our calls, we come together bi-weekly to reflect, refresh and rewrite what's not aligned.


I ask that the women who apply for 1:1 support with me are ready to step into a deep level of practitioner that starts at the base level of living from your truth and then expands into how you create impact and income


Does this sound like you?

Welcome to the Vortex, Woman!


The Shift Private Coaching program investment is $10K PIF
the next intake is in February 2022 


The five-month program includes a custom schedule of 1:1 calls with Victoria (up to 3 hours each month), the Well Curated Wellness resource library, and access to Monthly Membership.

"Small Sustainable Shifts Over Time ~ Create The Dramatic Change You Crave"