• Victoria Carmel

The Denial Game, you playing?

When we are in denial of our reality, we struggle. When we create self imposed struggle, we are draining our valuable energy tap.

Common ways in which I used to deny my reality, saying “I can’t believe it’s so dark out early” or obsessing over a long haul flight for example.

The reality is, we cannot change how the sun and planets shift during the seasons or how long it takes to get from one place to another. (Right now at least)

What we do have the power to change is our mind.

By flowing with reality, doing the work to find acceptance and peace, we are spending way less of our valuable energy resource on suffering and instead, can use that energy to do things that support and nourish.

Finding practices and ways in which to enjoy the shorter days; practicing hygge, snuggling up with loved ones and making yummy nourishing food. As for travel, I love bringing my own foods on flights now, I wipe the seat with a lavender towel, have my face masks and mists (A loveesss it tehehe) and you know what? More often than not now, when I arrive my destination I am so much more pleasant and feel refreshed.

This has been a personal *ah ha* moment over the last few months that I’ve really been practicing putting attention on lately and have really felt the benefits of not wasting my energy fighting against *what simply is*

And spoiler alert!

When we have more of our energy, and feel more connected to ourselves, then the “realities” in which we thought we had no power to change, like an unpleasant job or living situation, we find it easier to ask for what we need and make the shift, into pleasure.



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