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One Pan Wonder: The Secret Sauce to Quick Delish Easy Meals

I'm a busy woman. I know you are too!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret to how I eat healthy, fresh, beautiful dishes like this errrrday. (Or as often as I want too)


'Say whattt?!?' You might be asking yourself? What does she mean by only use one pan - for what?

Lemme break this down for yah real quick, in a couple real simple steps.


Step 1. Before we get to using any pans (pictured here in the background) We need to prepare our veggies. I like to on Saturday or Sunday, have a chopping party! Where I put on some good funky tunes, break out all my veggies and get to slicing and dicing.

The secret here is you want all of the pieces to be roughly the same size, this way when you 'one pan' them, they will all cook evenly and together.

See this lovely glass jar (from the $.99 store mind you) I prepared about half a dozen of these with a variety of veggies. Including: carrots, rainbow chard, mushrooms, white onion and black rice. (Black rice, quinoa or other grains are pre cooked FYI)

Step 2: Turn your burner on med/high heat, add some olive oil, coconut oil or butter (whatever tickles your fancy for cooking in and flavor) let your pan get warm then toss empty your precut veggies in. As Emerald would say 'BAM!'

Here's where the fun happens because you can season each pan(serving) however you'd like... here I did some curry, tumeric and garlic with S&P (always)

Let simmer / cook for 7-10 minutes, depending on the veggies and your prefered texture to eat them. Sometimes with heartier veggies you can put a lid on for a few minutes to steam them softer.

Step 3: Serve up + Enjoy!

I love to get creative with my toppings to mix it up too!

Here I used micro-greens and a red beet & cabbage kraut both available at Erewhon (or a Whole Foods most likely)

Another fave topping of mine is Trader Joe's 'Everything But the Bagel Seasoning' makes any bland bowl look glam in seconds!

It's as easy as that, 1-2-3 and you've only used one pan for easy clean up during a busy day or for dinner when you are tired AF after a full day of hu$tling.

Would love to hear what veggie combos you come up with! Get creative - you never know what you might come up with :)



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