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Morning Routine's Debunked

If you're like me and a majority of the population you admire and desire a 'rigorous morning routine' coveting your fave IG influencers or spiritual teachers morning routines, thinking to yourself 'if only I did the same thing every morning, then I would be happy / successful / (fill in the blank desire here)

But seriously struggle with 'not finding time' 'not being consistent' or 'not being good enough' when it comes to a morning routine.

I think having a morning routine, grounding into yourself before starting the day is highly highly important. I also believe that it's not going to look the same every day of the month. Or the year for that matter. Or like anybody else around you.

Alissa Vitti, sheds an incredible light on this topic in her must read book, WomanCode, where she teaches women how to heal their relationships with their bodies around our cycles and harness its power. If you're a woman, or even a man interested in learning more about how women operate, I highly recommend this book.

We as women are guided by a monthly 'clock' we have a cycle and that changes the hormones coursing through our bodies basically every day. (I'm no expert, seriously go read the book) But what I did learn and gain so much freedom on when reading was that my morning routine, or my daily routine for the matter DOES NOT have to look the same every day, that it can change.

Because I am constantly changing. We are constantly in FLOW. And when we learn to harness this ebb and flow instead of fighting against it, the routines, practices and energy we desire simply flows into our lives. Effortless.

Do you ever hear the voice some mornings that feels like a brisk walk or run would do your body good but you think 'that's insane I'm no runner!' or some days feel more like a lay in bed and listen to a guided mediation kinda morning? What about the 'I should journal every morning' or be writing 50 gratitudes every day!

I offer you this simply shift right now, - let go of the pressure to have IT look any certain way.

When we can find approval for the fact that what we need varies depending on the day of the month, where we are in our cycle, what hormones are currently firing high and which are a bit lower, then there can be so much more permission to each and every day wake up and create our very own morning routine.

I'm no expert but over the last few years of personal development, I have learned, practiced and experimented with a variety of tools, I like to think of them as, to do as a morning or heck a part of an evening practice!

I'll share them with you below and feel free to combine, modify or adjust as you see it fits best for you, in your day, in your life, in this moment. Enjoy.

(in no particular order)


- slow Earthy stretching on a yoga mat or sheep skin rug

- yoga flow

- dance! (put on your favorite booty shaking tunes, close your eyes and let go)

- storming (this is GREAT for moving energy - Mama Gena share a bit about the process & a great playlist here)


- Insight Timer guided meditation (anywhere from 2mins to an hour they have it all!)

- breath work

- OM (the practice of orgasmic meditation)

- Lacy Phillips manifestation work (currently doing the DRE)


- gratitude practice

- fear inventory

- desire inventory

- conscious steam of consciousness writing


- warm water w/ lemon (fresh sliced ginger is delish too)

- 16oz fresh celery juice

- vegan complete smoothie

- plant based capsules w/ fruits, veggies + berries

This list is ever changing & always growing ... check back in for updates when you are feeling the need to shake something up in your daily routine.



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