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Lemon Cashew Date Ball Recipe

I'll start with this disclaimer - this is not an original Victoria master piece although I am turning it into one! I purchased something similar to this from my most beloved grocery store here in Venice and for $4 I got 4 balls ...."ugh!" I thought, this can't be too hard to make myself and turns out - they aren't!!

I've taken a little creative liberty with infusing the recipe with exactly what I want and I hope you feel the same way too! 

Okay here we go! Also p.s. I'm not a food blogger/recipe writer expert so if somewhere along the way you're like seems like I'm missing something ... just email me or message me on IG and I'll fill in the blank!


1 cup cashews ( I used roasted always, sometimes salted, sometimes not - your choice)

1 cup dates (pitted!!)

1 cup coconut flakes / or shredded works great too

1/4 cup chia seeds (or so - use your eye, you want it to be nicely mixed in but not overriding)

1 zest of a lemon & the juice (cut in half and squeeze)

1pinch (or several if you're me) of salt - the flakier the better

You'll need:

1 food processor 

1 circus zester

1 cup measurer 

storage container (for putting them away so you don't eat them all at once)

wax paper (for rolling the balls on)

I make them in single batches but always make multiple as it's just SO GOOD! But the food processor tends to handle 1cup of each at a time. 


1. Put all ingredients into food processor ... see image below 

2. Pulse the ingredients into an even mixture - not too small of pieces but blended nicely - you'll see the consistency in the image below.

Then dump out onto the wax paper / parchment paper ... your rolling station! 

3. This step is *REALLY* key if you're in a warm location at all, or have hot hands - have a bowl of cold water next to your ball rolling station and keep dipping your hands in it. Not too much you don't want them soppy and handling the dough but enough so that the dough doesn't stick to them. (Thank you Anders for this genius tip!)

4. Roll the "dough" into balls that fit into the palm of your hand or so & place on wax paper ... or directly into an air tight container to put into the fridge!

This is a doubled batch of balls. SO YUMMY & they go quick ...  

Put in fridge to keep them or leave them out to serve and ENJOY!! 

Working on a chocolate recipe ... stay tuned!! 



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