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I'm no blogger ... but I do have a lot to say (usually, sometimes)

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

(So here's a bit of what I've been up too this last year ... )

I don't think I could qualify myself as a millennial unless the thought has crossed my mind, oh a dozen times, 'that I should start a blog!' But then you know, life gets in the way and I get busy scrolling on IG or going out for lunch/ coffee / whatever... so it hasn't really happened (yet?)

First of all, does anyone actually care one what I have to say? Maybe? I don't know - in the past, from time to time I would share a product or recipe with a friend and they do it too ... does that make me an influencer? Feels pretty cool I'll be the first to admit!

I really am genuinely envious at times of these effortlessly appearing perfect quaffed curated IG feeds and stories ... the 'link in bio' kinda thang, that I do from time to time myself, but has anyone ever bought / done anything from it? I honestly don't know.

I struggle, as I bet I would be safe to guess, most of us do in this day and age with our relationship to social media. The quantifiable number of likes, followers, shares etc ... it can be overwhelming AF, exciting as well - does it even measure anything in terms of like, oh I don't know, being a good person or making a difference? No, not really.

But what I do know is it feels pretty damn good to be connected to a large community of men and women spread around the world and still, I can struggle with what to share, what not to share, how much do these people realllllllllly need to know? Yah know?

So what do have I done with all of this back and forth-ness? If you'd like, I'll tell you how I've found a balance with this over the last year and how I have found myself a platform to stand on that really feels true to me where I can then share, as much or as little as I want too and make an impact that feels real damn good.

In this last year, I've aligned my coaching business/ life with a wellness network marketing company - boom, influential AF right? I know what you may be thinking 'what the heck is a wellness network marketing company even?' Well I'll tell you - we are reps for products that we truly believe in, simply put fruits & veggies in capsules! Sounds so simple right? Well, I am really proud of the wonderful incredible team I have built so far with this company and I know the impact we have on individuals and families that we love has been profound. And it speaks to my soul this kind of work, and it's something I could have never predicted I would be doing and with a lot of pre judgment and previous misconceptions I did not see this was possible for myself in the beginning.

Want to hear the best part? My paycheck is a direct reflection of those lives that I impact! My team, their customer, my customers.

A literal direct reflection and I know there is a lot of buzz about 'pyramid schemes' and this and that - to which I have GOT to say there is no way in hell this group of people is scheming a damn thing! We work really too hard to call it a scheme of any sorts, to make sure we are educated, our team and customers are educated and it is not a 9-5 work day, some days it can be an 8 - 8 and other days 10-2 it is always changing, ever flowing and highly high paced. Constantly having our attention to make sure people are informed right, to make sure we are all connected and getting the optimal experiences with the products and the best experience possible with the company.

Anyway, I'm getting all revved up now... which is actually kind of fun! But the point I really want to get across is that, this kind of work is possible, it's real work, it takes a village and it can be very very fulfilling! If you are willing to work it and give yourself over to it, which I can honestly say I've done that about 6 out of the last 9 months / year I have been working it.

It takes time to build, there are steps and goals and guidelines. Shit I used to hateeeee, I'm just being honest. But now I have found a way to relax into this structure, because I know that when I do, I am not abandoning myself - at all - in any way. It's really quite fun. There is NO need to reinvent the wheel - it works! So I get to sit back (read: hustle) and share what works for me. Fruits & Veggies in a freaking capsule - who woulda thunk!

If you've made it this far - I applaud you - and I hope all my sentence breaks and aside notes have been follow-able. I wish I could read this to you honestly, then you'd really get the feel for it. Oh and just you know so we're on the same page here this has been written under the influence of one pipping cold glass of white wine - sue me! So there are probably some spelling / grammatical errors and I'm okay with that. Who has time to proof read shit these days? :)

If you're curious or want to know anymore about my journey - I'd be happy to share and I also do share quite a bit on my social channels IG and the like so hit me up and send me a message!

Until the next time ...



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