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My Soul on Fire

Updated: Jan 12, 2019


21-year-old Victoria thought this expression was bullshit, [sorry not sorry]

My soul can feel FIRE !? Yeah, RIGHT!

It's only very recently, that I have come to experience the sensation of FIRE in my soul and viscerally in my body.

I thought people were pulling my leg when they were sharing an enthusiastic idea or a project they are creating + we're SOoO excited about it ... I just didn't believe it was possible to feel that deeply for something!

I honestly, didn't get it. Previous to the shift that I've created in my life, I thought great I'll just 'fake it till I make it' get into a career or something that at least sounds good and see if I can find this so called 'passion for life' under some rock in Thailand.

Over the last two years, I've been in a process of cleaning my system of all its muck + congestion and in doing this, I've not only gotten to know myself on a whole new level but tiny sparks of joy + life force have created cracks big enough in my facade to unleash my FIRE into the Universe.

How you might be wondering does one 'clean our their system'? I share a bit of my process with you but just remember this is my process and what's worked for me. At times although, it's felt as though things 'weren't working' but I am where I am today because of every moment leading me to this moment, and this moment. And this moment. (you get it!)

This is a very brief run down of 'my process' ...

1. Got myself a life coach aka talked to a non biased third party about my life

- Let's just say a very dear family member who was a bit fed of with my constant self loathing recommended me to connect with a powerhouse woman, who in one conversation helped me to realize I was living in my head the dream life I thought I wanted, and that I needed to take actions to actually create any kind of shift in my life ... so I quit my job in Charleston, packed up my belongings, said good bye to friends + the place I called home for 6 years and flew West.

2. Moved to California!

- Let me be clear, moving across the country to 'find yourself' will not change anything. I was still stuck in my rut of being the unmotivated, out of touch with reality and numbing with alcohol Victoria, who started drinking at 4pm while I waited for my friends to get off work in San Francisco so we could go to happy hour ... yet, it was perfect because I met the community I came to be apart of that shifted, again for me, my entire life's plan... or lack of one really.

3. Took a transformational course; something to stretch me outside my comfort zone

- The first personal development course I did was a 7-day-long intensive with OneTaste, a company who teaches the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. This was a Leadership Intensive; I thought I was going to learn what kind of career I would go into, and gain some tangible skills for relating to the world as a leader ... boy, was I surprised to meet my now husband in that week!

The journey that has come from what opened for me that week in meeting him, is a story for another time!

4. Stopped drinking alcohol

- This might seem like a no-brainer to those wanting to clean their system. But it did not occur to me how little I was feeling because of the copoious amounts of wine I was consuming in my normal day to day life.

After seven days alcohol free, I was experiencing sensations in my body like I hadn't felt since I was a child, if ever maybe. It was in a moment in conversation with the spiritual advisor for OneTaste the beloved Rev Jo where I was feeling every single cell tingle alive in my body, that I decided to give up drinking for the foreseeable future.

5. Walk into the fire, and walk all the way through it

- What this looked for me was like taking any kind of course I could with OneTaste for nearly a year and a half. I put myself in a Coaching Program, a couple of intensivies, and coaching circles. I traveled twice within these last two years with a company called Adventrue Awake, a transformational travel and coaching expereince, created by a now very dear friend of mine, Antesa!

I worked on a retreat center, The Land for 6-months, doing everything from scooping goat poo, washing dishes + painting houses all the way to helping run the place by the end of my stay! I've not lived in one place for more then a few months, I've been stretched financially, emotionally + mentally at every turn and I'm learning what it means to be a human being conscious of my life.

6. Rinse + Repeat (the fire walking that is!)

- At this moment I'm in an Emotional Intelligence training based in Las Vegas, it's a powerful process and it's stretching me beyond belief in creating my life the way I want it. With no effort or force, (this is not to say no hard work) my soul is catching on fire for the things I am already doing in my life + have been for most of my life; helping people, sharing my joy, being a leader and bringing people together; but the difference now is, I'm claiming my gifts.

7. Take responsibility

- What I mean by this is simple; I do what I say I'm going to do. I show up how I commit to showing up, I shift in my life what I say I'm going to shift.

I am the creator of the my life, no one or nothing else can do it for me, I take FULL responsibility for the FIRE I create in my soul and what I create in my life with my soul on fire.

Warning, it might get hot around me!



If you want to know more about a specific part of my process or have any questions about the trainings I've completed please don't hesitate to reach out!

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