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For the new coach, therapists or healer who is ready to move from course consumption to content creation!


This 8-week business bootcamp is perfect for you if, you love personal development work and are often told you’re inspiring to others, yet, you feel you lack a simple 'know-how' and matching confidence to share your soul-based gifts in the world.


Throughout our time together you will unlearn how we've been programmed to believe business should be done and learn to trust your inner knower, to build a foundation of your business from pleasure.


At the end of our time together, feel ready to take on your first 1:1 clients, bring in feel good income and be showing up online more authentically YOU!

Become part of an international community of newbie-entrepreneurial minded women that you can lean on for accountability, connection and collaboration!


Get ready! Get set! Get out of the perfectionism paralysis and into a Fully fucking Expressed life!


Are you an established entrepreneur (1-3 years) who finds herself exhausted at the end of the day from constant hustle?

Do you hit $3K-$5K months and feel MORE then ready to have your first $100K+ year in 2022? (or more!)

Do you see others online, 'having it all figured out', working with ease and feel envious, like you're behind or missing out?


Then you my dear, are ready for your next level Leadership!


This is your invitation to claim your seat in a collective of badass feminine leaders - who are ready to step into their bigness. 


Next cohort begins Spring 2022- Join the waitlist here to save $3,000 on your investment! 

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My mission is to be an expander for women  that there is another way, a different way.

I see so many women struggle to find what feels true for them in business, motherhood, intimate partnerships,

friendships, and family dynamics ...

It's heartbreaking to see and I know, it doesn't have to be that way. It is possible to show up so revolutionarily authentic in your life, that's my practice.

I'm learning to be obsessed with myself; a kind of self-love that is infectious for others, in an instant, their lives are changed.


Through my own self healing journey, I have learned that my voice, my ability to hold space, and my body are the greatest tools I have. It's a daily practice to come home here.


When I forget and I don't share my voice or hold space for others, my light dampens, my insides wither & my soul-based gifts get so far away. I get existentially fucked up.

I forget who I am.

And I don't see that as a weakness - in fact it's one of the most amazing things about me. I'm constantly willing to walk through the burning room to unveil a new shiny sliver of my soul.


I have seen firsthand that we can create an entirely new reality when we are living in alignment and our actions are in resonance

with our desires


My marriage, my family, my life, and my work are shaped one hundred percent by the words I use, the trust I have & the surrender I practice. All unlocked when I learned to access my raw feminine power source - my pussy!

This is my journey, an ever evolving mess of those magical in-between moments.


One of my greatest hopes is that I can be a mirror for you one day, just as so many incredibly brave and badass women have been for me, so you too can access the life you desire.

Xx, Vic

P.S. I reserve the right to change my mind.

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