Are you a creative woman looking to launch a business?


Are you waking up to the fact that no rules apply in this new-age time... 

This six-month business school is for creative entrepreneur women 

who want to harness their natural gifts,

unlearn limiting societal based beliefs about how business should be,

and (un)learn your way into creating from your heart

The Unfoldment

This if for you if

You have a desire to help others but don't know where to start

Want to increase your visibility authentically on social media


Do you want to?

Make an impact in the world around you

Generate income effortlessly 

feel connected / in integrity with your business

have your work fuel you, rather then drain you?

This isn't your average business school

Oh, no baby! 

Learn to tap into your feminine power source fully

and to harness your soul's calling

from a place of integrity, that allows you to 


The Program

  • Six month incubator container 

  • One monthly group call with a topic

  • One on One power session calls w/ Victoria each month

  •   Community of creatives to titrate with


The Details

Tuition begins at $6,000

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