For the womxn who is ready to commit to her life as a practice. Done consuming for the sake of ‘getting’ and ready to be of service from her feminine power. Integrating and embodying the tools, techniques and practices she has picked up in her journey.


She is ready to unplug from the ‘shoulds', from the constructs of the way society says it has to be. She is ready to let go of the good girl, people pleasing, playing small parts of herself.

She is ready to step into her feminine radiant power completely.


It is a choice. A radical one. Are you ready?

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This is for you if you are ready as fuck to step into the woman you know deep down inside of you, you can be.

You are ready for a NEW level of impact on the world around you.

This program is for you if you are ready to come undone, unplug and strip down everything you think you know about who

you are to rebuild - from an aligned, in integrity place of raw,

unEarthed feminine radiance.

You are ready to let go of the old and re-birth

a new, upleveled version of YOU.

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These nine months will include deep inquiry into our shadow selves, your relationship to money, your energetic presence in the world, having our desires, holding the weight, energetic weightlifting, connection to body and source, and so much more. Motherhood journey, connecting to your mother story, healing ancestry lines, connecting to your human design, energy systems, charkars...your lineage, paying tribute and honoring your cycle. Being of service... 


This program doesn’t come with a course outline, a syllabus or a day to day plan - this program is created by the women who are willing to step into this space of radial responsibility. I am in service and being your guide, walking with you on the path, holding the rails for the flow to emerge. The organic nature of this program allows for the most resonant teachings, practices, guest teachers and more to come into our existence, something that is not possible when there is tightness / contraction... 


You must be willing to leap, to trust yourself first and foremost to show up here in this space and you must be willing to suspend the disbelief that you ‘can’t have it’. 


Allow yourself to come undone - to find the gold - to be reborn. 


The application + screening process is extensive - application required + 1 hour screening call


The program length 9 months

The capacity is 10 womxn 


The investment is $24,000 PIF or 9 payments of $2,777 (early bird pricing available first)


I want the investment to be radical & I don’t want it to limit anyone who is ready for this level of work / so there may be other options here.