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Welcome Woman!

I see you, babe. I get you. 


You’re searching for something. I feel it too, because that was me,


In 2016, I was going crazy in my too-small life. I did not know, let alone believe I could have a life I create, exactly as I desire.


I’m here to tell you, five magnificent years later...


Your desire is your compass.

What you crave in your life, is coming to you.

The impact you want to have. It’s already happening.

The financial freedom you long to have. Is SO possible.


The expansion is possible, radical quantum change occurs. I promise. I am holding the door open for you, love.

Are you ready?


You're in the right place. I’m so glad you’re here.

I'd love to connect, drop me a message on Instagram @_mamavic_

xx, vic

1 The WCW Revolutionary Woman


8-week mastermind for next-level feminine leadership. 

Who this is for

For the turned-on, dripping wet woman, who's well into awakening her feminine power.

This 8-week portal will leave you with an embodied experience of your truth.

An unshakeable remembering of your raw radiant power will permeate through any space, place, or partnership you enter.

We go beyond business, beyond strategies, into the taboo, the shadows.


We look at our money, release blocks somatically, and ultimately, you will be invited into the next level of leadership in your life, simply by stepping into this space, your entire energy realigns.


For the full-body, fuck yes women, who are ready for The Revolution.

Let's light the match, baby!

The next cohort is annouced in early 2022. Join the waitlist here for details.

The WCW Private Coaching


Designed to help you feel more confident, connected to your truth, and live a life from your desire.


Who this is for

This high-touch mentorship is perfect for the woman who is already taking massive action in her life

and is ready for EVEN MORE.

You want to serve your clients deeper, have hotter sex, deeper intimacy, create a freaking overflow of money that you can continue to do good in the world with all while feeling more peaceful in your mind,
confident in your body, and open in your heart.

You're ready to unlock a whole new level of flow, magnetism, and impact by stepping into your most jaw-dropping feminine embodiment yet. It's time to turn the dial alllll the way up on your capacity to attract and receive the life you desire!